Global Population Health Real-time Dashboard

Analyze and visualize patterns and relationships between economic indicators and population health indicators with a web-based, real-time dashboard.

Updated by UN-OICT Analytics on December 8, 2016

Project repository

Project Objective

The goal of this project is to develop a web-based, real-time dashboard to analyze and visualize population health data from various sources such as WHO, World Bank, UN, and other organizations. For example, one can visualize correlations between economic indicators and population health indicators.

The project is seeking a partners for web front-end development.

Project Team

Data Analytics

Fordham University’s Center for Digital Transformation

W. “RP” Raghupathi, Ph.D- Fordham University
Professor of Information Systems
Director, MS in Business Analytics Program
Director, Center for Digital Transformation

Gabelli School of Business

This team is advised by staff members from the International Telecommunications Union and the United Nations Office of Information Technology who provide background as well as detailed information on the expected work and objectives.