Middle East Youth Policymaking

Data mining policy decisions made by youth participants in Model United Nations conferences and comparing them with the actual United Nations resolutions and policies.

Updated by UN-OICT Analytics on November 21, 2016

Project repository

Project Objective

This project aims to generate tools and methodologies to study the decisions and resolutions taken by youth during Model United Nations conferences held worldwide.

Additionally, the project aims to produce tools for better data collection at Model United Nations conferences. Standardized data collection across conferences globally will provide a more in-depth understanding of youth’s political opinions.

The outcome of this project will include:

  • Data exploration tools for existing datasets
  • Analytical studies (e.g. papers and replicable data analysis workbooks) comparing the decisions made by youth with decisions taken by Governments at the United Nations.
  • Software to streamline data collection (e.g. voting, documents, multimedia) at Model United Nations conferences worldwide.

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Project Team

Center for Data Science - New York University

Elie Samia
Faculty advisor
Lebanese American University

Ghina Harb
Project Lead Coordinator
Lebanese American University