UN General Assembly Resolutions and Voting Patterns

Textual Analytics and Visualization of the United Nations General Assembly Resolutions

Updated by UN-OICT Analytics on September 20, 2016

Project repository

Project Objective

This project analyses text from thousands of UN official documents as well as GA voting records seeking for clusters by topics, voting similarity, etc. The project seeks to provide answers to these questions:

  • What are the characteristics of General Assembly (GA) documents?

  • How are they adopted by UN Member States?

Project Team

The InfoSeeking Lab at the School of Communication & Information - Rutgers University

Dr. Chirag Shah - Rutgers University
Associate Professor of Information Science
Affiliate member of Computer Science

Soumik Mandal - Rutgers University
PhD student - Information Science

Jonathan Pulliza - Rutgers University
PhD student - Information Science

Kevin Albertson - Rutgers University
Master’s student - Computer Science and Mathematics